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Bringing Corgi Dogs into an Events Business

My son asked me to design a logo and a holding page for his new deejaying business. Naturally, I was delighted and created them both. Like the screenshot says below, the actual website will be coming soon. I’m looking forward to when he has enough content for a full website. The name for his company… Read more »

UK La-Z-Boy TV Commercial

Tom Brown, Managing Director of La-Z-Boy UK about thirty years ago, gave me a fantastic opportunity. My company had been providing him with printed marketing materials for several years when he asked me to produce the first UK La-Z-Boy TV commercial. My idea was to have a furniture store owner working late and showing her… Read more »

A Very Personal Apollo Moon Mission Story

Growing up in a suburb outside of Rochester, New York, had its advantages. It was home to Eastman Kodak (later referred to as Kodak), and Xerox (famous for its photocopiers). As a local student, we often went on school trips to both companies. Kodak was working with NASA scientists at the time, on photographic solutions… Read more »

The Boogey Man, A Surprising Success!

While rummaging through some old brochures, I came across one I put together for the director of three films I worked on, Ulli Lommel. Here’s a short excerpt from Wikipedia: ‘Lommel spent time at The Factory and was a creative associate of Andy Warhol, with whom he made several films and works of art. He moved to the United States in… Read more »

A Treacherous Canyon Road in Hollywood

I was working as a location sound recordist on my third feature film called Brainwaves. Because I had the nicest car of anyone in the crew, I was also given the job of picking up Kier Dullea in the mornings from Gregory Peck’s old house, where he was staying at the time. A lot of… Read more »

Building Audio Equipment for the US Navy

My Father built a farm tractor and wired a barn for electricity when he was just 10 years old in Greigsville, New York. As it happened, my grandfather told me this when I was 10, so I was obviously impressed, which meant I had a lot of catching up to do. After getting his Notre… Read more »